Ghana Railway Master Plan




Ghana Railway Development Authority




  • Prepare rehabilitation plans (including design and supervision of the upgrading) of the existing railway network: Western, Eastern, Central Railway infrastructure and suburban railway infrastructure.
  • Prepare work-plans to up-grade and thereafter in sequential phases, construct new lines.
  • Prepare plans for the construction of new standard gauge lines covering the whole nation.
  • Prepare plans for the construction of new standard gauge suburban lines in the regional capitals.
  • Define available investments and a complete financial plan for investment on the existing and proposed network and rolling stock. Such investments should include infrastructural interventions on the network and in the stations, the application of new technologies and the purchase and maintenance of rolling stock.
  • Thoroughly examine the estimated demand and estimated financial revenue of the interventions.
  • Comprehensively set out the stream of revenue forecast over a reasonable timeframe and appropriately examine the financial, social and economic viability of investments.
  • Establish reliable and binding transport policies capable of ensuring the transfer of traffic from road to rail.
  • Guarantee optimum intermodal links with other priority projects of a national importance, in order to maximize benefits and considerably reduce journey times, thus increasing the transport capacity of goods and passengers.
  • Develop specifications for railway infrastructure:
    – Track
    – Signalling and Telecommunications
    – Buildings including stations, workshops and other structures
  • Recommend number and types of rolling stock:
    – Locomotives
    – Wagons
    – Coaches
  • Undertake relevant Consultations with Stakeholders and take their concerns into account in the Consultant’s output.
  • Undertake a review of existing railway and/or Transport Master Plans and present the outcome as part of its report To the Client.
  • Make other relevant recommendations essential to giving effect to Act 779 of 2008.