TEAM Group is an internationally renowned consultancy Company specialized in engineering, urban planning and architecture. With main offices on three continents, we capitalize on our longstanding experience, expertise and highly qualified international team of dedicated professionals to deliver state-of-the-art services to both private and public clients.

Vast regions of the world are now interconnected by development flows and international corridors. This is the sphere in which we operate and wish to offer our professional contribution.

The Group's development began in 1975 with the establishment of T.E.A.M. (Technics Engineering Architecture Marketing), followed in 1977 by TEAM Engineering, a company specifically entrusted with the technical execution of designs and studies in the various sectors of engineering, architecture and urban planning.

Since its foundation, the Group has set up other companies, always operating in the field of engineering, in order to provide appropriate support to the progressive development of the activities being handled, both in respect of the geographical areas and specific sectors.

The rapid growth in the volume of projects being handled in Nigeria brought about the establishment in 1983 of T.E.A.M. (Nigeria) Ltd, oriented mainly towards Project Management activities and later providing technical execution, management and co-ordination of the projects acquired in the Country. In fact, the first project undertaken (Kano Cold Store, executed on a turn-key basis) dates back to 1974, when the Group was operating through a locally incorporated company, namely I.C.A. (International Contractor Agency).

In 1988, a new branch, TEAM Guinée Sarl, was established in Guinea (Conakry) where a number of civil engineering projects had been acquired.

In correspondence with development of the Central-Eastern European countries and to their opening to the market economy, TEAM Poland was set up in Warsaw in January 1995 for the supervision and coordination of operations within Poland and in neighbouring countries (particularly Czech Republic and Hungary).

In 2006 following the remarkable economic development registered in Equatorial Guinea, TEAM G.E. S.A. was set up in Malabo and Bata, followed by SINGE S.A. Finally, in 2012 AYA Engineering was set up in Accra (Ghana) and afterward TEAM UGANDA Ltd in Kampala (Uganda) to follow operations in these Countries.

All these companies form the TEAM Group, and work as an organic and integrated operative system, each with its specific functions and mission. The Companies assure the implementation and technical management of services that include, among others, technical, financial and managerial assistance to Clients during tendering and contract negotiation processes, complete works supervision services and local co-ordination of projects in their respective countries.