Preliminary Assessment of Apapa & Tin Can Island Ports in Lagos




Federal Ministry of Transportation (FMoT)


07/2021 – 10/2021


The FMoT tasked TEAM to identify and analyse the main factors and aspects that affect the quality of the port infrastructure and, consequently the port performance, of both Apapa Port and Tin Can Island Port in Lagos.

The main purpose is to outline all the necessary measures, actions and interventions for improving the performance of the Ports in Lagos, in order to trace a short and medium-term path that leads to the centrality of the two ports in the national and international scenario.

The assessment includes interviews with stakeholders and end users, technical assessment of the logistic processes, identification of criticalities and proposal of possible improvement interventions in the two ports. At this purpose, TEAM performed a detailed site survey of both ports allowing the collection of the necessary data.


  • Technical assessment of port capacity and condition
  • Selection of improvement interventions