Railway Spurs: Livingstone - Kazungula - Sesheke & Nseluka-Mpulungu




Ministry of Transport, Works, Supply and Communication


13/10/2015 – 30/12/2016


The project consists of the Design of two Railway Spurs (narrow gauge, 1,067m) with the aim of:

  • Connecting the future Kazungula Bridge to the ZRL network with a corridor that starts from Livingstone and reaches Namibia through Kazungula; Livingsotne – Sesheke section (total length= 202.71 km)
  • Link TAZARA with Mpulungu Port; Nzungula – Mpulungo Section (total length = 192.615 km)

The two new lines shall have the following parameters:

  • Speed: 100km/h for passengers and 80 km/h for freight
  • Axle Load: 21 tons/axle

The two lines have a total of 47 bridges, of which 3 of them with a total length of more than 1000 m.


  • Feasibility Study for the Livingstone-Kazungula-Sesheke and Nseluka-Mpulungu Spurs;
  • Preliminary (for both Spurs) and Final Designs (only for Nseluka-Mpulungu Spur) – including Railway infrastructure; Stations; Structures; Mechanical and Electrical Installations; Signalling and Telecommunications; Rolling Stock Maintenance Facilities
  • Bidding Documents (only for Nseluka-Mpulungu Spur);
  • Bills of Quantities and Cost Estimate;
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) (only for Nseluka-Mpulungu Spur).