Feasibility Study for the Rehabilitation of the Mchinji to Nkaya Railway Line




Ministry of Transport and Public Works


12/2015 – 12/2016


Rehabilitation of the Mchjnji-Nkaya railway section, which aims to create a connection with the neighbouring Zambia, through the recently constructed Chipata-Malawi Border.

The section is 411 Km long, single gauge.


Phase 2 – Inception Report

  • Revision of existing technical, economic and environmental documentation
  • Identification of the range of relevant investment options
  • Assessment and recommendation, as necessary, of any additional data collection/survey requirements to complete the Services
  • Assessment of current operations scheme and future operational requirements
  • Determination of infrastructure Design Criteria and Standards
  • Preparation of a Work Methodology and relevant planning
  • Assessment of the potential environmental and social impacts of the proposed rehabilitation works

Phase 2

  • Task 1 – Traffic Forecast Scenarios and Revenue Estimates,
  • Task 2 – Infrastructure Assessment and Costs Estimates for Rehabilitation and Upgrading works
  • Task 3 – Environmental Screening and Compilation of Project Brief
  • Task 4 – Identification of Optimal Investment Solution through CBA
  • Task 5 – Scoping of Future Surveys
  • Task 6 – Poverty Impact Analysis
  • Task 7 – Climate Change Impact Assessment
  • Task 8 – Deliver Feasibility Report