Utonde River Bridge


Republic of Equatorial Guinea


Ministry of Infrastructure and Urbanization
National Design Department


12/2006 – 10/2008


The road bridge will cross the River Utonde in the proximity of the town of Utonde and will connect the expanding area north of Bata with the airport. The deck of the bridge is in pre-stressed, reinforced concrete with three spans of 70-110-70 m, for a total length of 250m. The bridge is a continuous beam with the two central piers located close to the river banks. The total width of the bridge deck is 14.3 m it has two lanes of 3.5 m each, two side shoulders 1.5m wide, two New Jersey type barriers that are 0.65 m each and two sidewalks of 1.5 m each. (3.5×2 + 1.5×2 + 0.65×2 + 1.5×2 = 14.3 m).


  • Location of structures and planning of links with existing roads;
  • Definition of the structural typology and bridge geometry;
  • Choice of materials and most suitable construction technology;
  • Concept design and verification of social interfaces;
  • Preliminary design;
  • Final design and bills of quantity;
  • Preparation of tender documents and awarding of construction company;
  • Checking of the detailed design prepared by the construction company
  • Works supervision, state of the work and payment certificate.