Metro Line 2
Shiraz, Iran




S.U.R.O. Shiraz Urban Railway Organization


4/2009 – 2012


The project consists of a heavy metro line, approximately 14km long, which, in the context of the future metro line network of Shiraz, will connect the northern neighborhoods with the southern ones of the town. The line crosses a central and urbanized area near Emam Hosein Square, where the junction station with the Line 1, currently under construction, is located. Line 1 and Line 2 will be connected by a rail link, which is part of the project. The line runs underground from the starting point, at North Terminus, to the approach to Depot and Workshop facility area, which is envisaged above ground. It is double track and includes N. 12 underground stations and N. 1 ground station. The tunnels along the line (twin, single track, tunnels) will be mostly bored with an EPB tunneling machine, whereas the 12 underground stations will be mostly constructed in cut and cover with excavations between slurry walls. The other technological structure – cross-over and ventilation shafts – will be constructed partly in cut-and-cover and partly bored.


The activities are subdivided in three phases:

  • FIRST PHASE: General Studies (as multi criteria analysis) and Design activities consisting of the definition of the design criteria, system specifications and the conceptual design for the line and its civil and technological components; Design Reccomendations, to be applied in the Second Phase.
  • SECOND PHASE: Operational Plan and Train Simulation; Technical design and Economical evaluation for the line and its civil and technological components.
  • THIRD PHASE: Preparation of the documents for the Tender (EPC) relevant to the final design and the construction works; assistance to the Employer during the Tender activities.