Design Audit for Railway Line & Port Access between Montevideo and Paso de los Toros




Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane S.p.A. (for Ministry of Transport and Public Works of Uruguay)


02/2020 to 07/2020


Audit activities for the Design of the “Ferrocarril Central“between the cities of Montevideo and Paso de los Toros (273 km).

The infrastructure allows the transport of 4.5 million tons per year, in the central part of the country, connecting the north with Montevideo to a competitive deep-water export port, increasing the export competitiveness of the domestic industry, while developing the level of effective availability and quality of the state of the infrastructure, the response to accidents, the management of the infrastructure, the potentiality for loading and operations  of cellulose, wood, containers, fuel, chemical products, general cargos, passenger traffic, and other type of loads and services


  • Coordination and Management Audit
  • Structural Engineering Design Audit: station and service buildings, hydraulic works, natural tunnels, artificial tunnels, underpasses, railway bridges, railroad bridges
  • Geotechnical Engineering Design verification
  • Hydraulic Engineering Design verification