TEAM has been present in Zambia since 2015 when the Company first became the main Technical Consultant for the Government in its plan to promote rail transport and increase rail connectivity within its regional corridors and with its neighbouring Countries.

Since then, TEAM has executed the design for the Nseluka-Mpulungu railway line (180 km) and the Livingstone-Sesheke railway line (200 km) and is responsible for the design of the 304 km railway that will connect Kafue (in Zambia) to Lion’s Den (in Zimbabwe). TEAM has also provided consultancy services for the Chipata-Petauke-Serenje railway (400 km) that will connect Zambia to Malawi, and for the rehabilitation of the existing Zambian rail network.

Activities in Zambia include Transaction Advisory Services, Cost Control, Preliminary Design, Detailed Engineering Design, Design Review and Works Supervision.